diary July 2006

Finally, I have time to write. I now notice that the more I grow better the less time I have to keep my site updated.
We all are well, I keep on practicing and I now notice that my left side has grown stronger ever since I had the help-pole next to my bed removed.
The result of this action was that my muscles started to work again. And I can feel it in my backside because I have not used those muscles for a long time, no pain but a sort of being aware of having those muscles and that feels nice. Just as with my left arm. I practice a bit more again, with result that I feel my blood flowing trough my arm again.

And now my swimming hour has stopped again during the summer period.
Ridiculous I practice all winter and then it suddenly stops, I can feel my strength flowing away again
Practising like that I can keep on practising for years until I am strong enough to stand all by myself, so I started again to stand half an hour a day. Yes that is easy when you can move your body the way it should, but I lost my balance and it goes a bit wobbly but is not as wobbly as it was when I was in care.

I also start to get more freely on the road with my scoot. I dare to go more further away and try how far my scoot goes. I am bonded to asphalt roads because on cobbles I feel like falling apart. So sometimes I drive in the middle of roads and can hear the car-drivers moaning....

Reading the story of Julia Tavalaro the people of the LIS-group in Germany were inspired and start to move. Unfortunately the book is hard to get because it happened in 1966. Maybe you can still get an English version ("Look Up for Yes") at Amazon.com, but the Dutch version does not exist anymore.
The result of her was the same as it now is with me and in Germany LIS-people were walking with rolaters(!)
Also the chairman used to be LIS and he spoke with the help of a microphone. Also there were people who were LIS for many years, they also started to move with the help from others with the same result.
Off course you can keep some LIS-things such as low temperature etc but everything will be more bearable. So 50 years ago this disease was invented to be the end of your being but everyone has to sea it as a new start, you are like a big baby and have to learn to use your muscles again and slowly learn to regain your strength again.
There are enough reasons to help this syndrome out of the world because no human being has to be a prisoner of his own body anymore.

love, Marjan